Wilderness Jobs
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius

Our partner organization, Chilcotin Holidays, facilitates a variety of hands-on training programs at our wilderness ranch. Each will guide you in different ways, helping you progress towards your goals and aquire the skills you need to get involved with nature conservation and participating in trips into the wilderness. 


Our training programs include:


Find our more about each program here. For greater details, visit our partner Chilcotin Holiday’s website



  • Personal Growth is the priority, we facilitate the environment and material for you to grow and evolve towards your best self
  • Your training program is a journey that can transform your life as much as you are committed to invest in yourself
  • Hands-on experience in Nature Conservation and contribute to positive change in the world
  • Participate in the creation of our community as much as you are ready for, we highly encourage your involvement in everything we do
  • Join our highly supportive community where we support each other in our goals and mission and share our personal experiences on a daily basis
  • Live and train in a remote wilderness environment, where you reconnect with nature and yourself
  • Accommodation on site in prospector tents or communal rooms, including all meals
  • Opportunities match responsibility taken, you may be able to stay on with us after your training in an immersion program or as an intern



  • Commit to your personal evolvement
  • Support our community and get involved in group activities
  • Take responsibility for creating a positive environment
  • Contribute to something larger than yourself by participating in Nature Conservation projects and mentoring your fellow community partners
  • Contribute to the ranch culture by sharing inspirational insights, photos and videos with our community


Each training program empowers you to learn now skills, mentor others and become your best self.
If you are ready to commit to your personal and professional development in a challenging wilderness environment, take our Wilderness Readiness Survey to apply for a training program.