The end, the beginning

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The end, the beginningMy name is Melvin, I’m a twenty year old man.
I’m from France, I live close to Paris but I have studied catering and food business at three different places in my country, which permit me to discover new regions, learn more about each place and have a different point of view on the same topic.
During my studies I had the opportunity to work in more than ten different enterprises, from fine dining restaurants to collectivity restaurant. I worked abroad in England and here in Canada, I also had the chance to visit the south of India with my school for a food and humanitarian project.
I left France for different reasons. The first one is to do my internship for my university, but in fact that was just an excuse to take the opportunity to discover a new country, learn more about myself, grow in a professional way and my personal development. I also did it because I’m at a crucial point of my life, I’m finishing my studies and I will create my enterprise right after, so I wanted to make a point in my life, take an overlook and create what I really want to live.
So I decided to apply here when I saw the advertisment on the internet and figured out of it was the exact type of experience that I was looking for.
To be honest, my first two weeks were a bit hard. I was lost, it was such a big difference of reality! I came from a scheduled and dictated environment where everybody lives for the society or to have the good profile for their parents or friends to a 100% free place where everything relies on me and where I am; the one who decided how I organize my days, how I really want to dress or behave.
So I worked here as the kitchen manager for three and a half months. This post means taking responsibility, managing cost and people and a lot more. Through this post I had the opportunity to develop my leadership skills, take responsibility and initiatives, discover new products and a new way of working.
In addition to my work I also learned new skills such as: western horse riding, saddling and packing a horse, being a hiking guide, I also learned how to shoot and how to even drive an automatic car, pretty easy.
One of the most important things that I’ve learned during my say at the Ranch is how to manage my time efficiently.
The environment here inspired me a lot because I could be away from all of the little and big distractions of the city lifestyle and I was able to really focus and committed to what I wanted to achieve with all the personal development content provide here.
Also, seeing all of the beautiful landscape every day helped me to really enjoy my life and my time here and increase my deep feeling of freedom.
All of the responsibility that I took and all the activities that I made here really helped me get more confident and learn more about what I’m able to do.
By living without a strict hierarchy and by not submitting to someone else’s orders I clearly expand my autonomy and get empowered.
Living almost four months in the wilderness proved to me that there is a lot of superficial and fake needs that we have in the “normal” life. I’m now sure about what I really need and I discovered that I don’t need a lot to be happy, in fact I just need to pursue my values such as taking care of my health and my environment and build the career I want to have to be really happy and balanced. Through nature, I also learn how things are temporary and how quick they can change and if you are rigid and unflexible you will fail for sure.
I also discovered a true paradox that I need to understand more, I used to get bored quickly in the city despite of how many “activities” I could do, but here with no fancy entertainment I never felt one second the feeling of being bored.
Talking about activities, I participated in a lot of really good ones here. I spent four days in the bush learning how to survive in the wilderness, I spent seven days on a pack trip as a hiking guide in the Chilcotin mountains, I rode horses, I’ve done archery, target shooting, mountain biking, hiking, I did sports and workout, I did wildlife viewing, gold panning and I also learned how to run a chainsaw.
No comparison between these types of activities and playing bowling or going to the cinema.
One more specific thing here is that you are living 24/7 with your colleagues. But after few times, I stopped considering them as colleagues and I started to understand them as people with different skills and abilities who can bring me something. I also discovered how powerful humans can be when they work all together towards the same goal.
I also discovered how rich human nature is with different knowledge or point of views from every one and how is important to share.
After my stay here, I will create my own restaurant in the next year and develop it as a franchise. I will create my dream, keep investing on myself more than I did before and I will take care of my environment to make sure that I keep my momentum and inspiration for all my life.

– Melvin, France