Pillar: Book review

Keywords: #David Salyers; #Randy Ross; #remarkable; #responsibility; #value

Remarkable!, Dr Randy Ross and David Salyers, published 2016. Reviewed October 24th 2019 by Jasmin, Ontario

The core of Dr. Randy Ross and David Salyers’ Remarkable! is the idea that creating a value-centred culture, rather than monetary compensation, inspires elevated levels of performance among team-members in the workplace. Through the leadership parable of Dusty Harts, Dr. Ross introduces the readers to the core maxims of creating value: creativity, positivity, sustainability, and responsibility. All four core maxims are inter-connected with one another to create a highly effective and valuable workplace. 

The maxim of creativity follows the concept of purposefully creating value in one’s life. This involves building value internally and externally, having a strong value centre will in turn affect the values and the culture one cultivates around them. 

The maxim of positivity is rather simple. If a person puts positive energy into their environment it will ultimately affect the culture of the environment. But one negative influence can spoil the whole operation. Sometimes people, especially in the work place have to be given the choice, either to change their attitude or leave. 

The maxim of sustainability ties together the previously listed two maxims. By having a team of people who are value-centric and cultivate a positive environment, the culture that is created will then be self-sustained and will not fizzle out. 

Lastly, the maxim of responsibility creates the big picture. To have a culture that is creative, positive, and sustainable, each member has to be held responsible for their actions and what they bring to the table. By cultivating this culture, members are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for the culture of the workplace. 

This high-level ideology of value creation is translated through the concrete metaphor of the inner operations of a car, as told by Dusty Hart’s mechanic. By taking these four core principles and utilizing them through Hart’s personal and professional environment, Dr. Ross successfully illustrates how employers can effectively cultivate creativity, positivity, sustainability, and responsibility in their team members; to create a collaborative culture where innovation can flourish.