Pillar: Book Review

Keywords: #high performance habits; #Brendon Burchard; #courage; #positive outlook; #commitment

High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard, published 2017. Reviewed October 7th 2019 by Charlie, UK

This book is essential reading material for all of us at the ranch. It sets us on the path to understanding the philosophies we promote here and beginning our transformational journeys of  personal development. 

Brendon Burchard is the world leader in high performance coaching and in High Performance Habits, he explains the six habits which will set you on your way to success. Those habits are Clarity, Energy, Necessity, Productivity, Influence and Courage. Brendon breaks these habits into two groups, the first three are Personal Habits, these are internal, involving only yourself. The latter three are Social Habits, these are external, your interactions with other people. 

This book uses real examples to illustrate the habits, making each practice become more relatable and achievable. This book was so inspirational for me, I bought my own copy and took the online High Performance Index test to see what my score was for each of the six habits. This let me see where my strengths and weaknesses lay and from there, I could better implement the habits and practices in the book. 

Brendon’s motto of Live, Love, Matter is emphasized throughout the book. This became important for me as I read the book. I wanted to live fully, not just survive. I wanted to love openly, the people around me, the work I was doing, the place I was at. And I wanted to matter, to be able to make a difference. This book gave me the tools to do that. The Personal Habits increased my confidence in myself and my sense of purpose as I worked out what I needed to focus on. The Social Habits increased my confidence in my interactions with others, I was more enthusiastic and ready to work with others. 

The book also talks about the importance of meditation, healthy eating, exercise and getting enough sleep. While reading the book, I started a daily meditation practice, made sure I was eating enough protein and getting the right nutrients, keeping active (not difficult here at the ranch) and aiming for a minimum of seven hours’ sleep. I see now how this relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is another important part of ranch life. The most basic levels of the pyramid are survival and shelter, these four things – meditation, food, exercise and sleep – helped fulfill these ‘lowest’ needs and from there I could focus on developing the ‘higher’ levels – belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization.

From reading this book, I could make a plan and a focus for my personal development. The book is highly accessible and with the use of real examples, shows how everyone can implement the practices, however, you’ve got to be prepared to commit to the plan and keep working through. That’s what Trails to Empowerment is all about – committing to yourself and your plan and persevering.