If you were a leader, by employment or in other areas such as coaching, would you like to have people follow your leadership because they have to, or because they choose to? When you are employed or on a team, leadership is very important in accomplishing the tasks at hand, short-term and long-term. You set the bar for those who rely on your leadership. If you are a good leader, it is because you can connect with people, acknowledging and support the investment being made in them. It takes some time to ascend leadership levels and develop qualities that bridge the gaps in teams and individually, but by self-improvement, reflection and determination, you can encourage growth in yourself and others.

As leaders we are learning and growing on the fly, doing our best to understand the affects this position can have on those around us, and trying to make the best decisions when faced with that responsibility. The tiers of leadership achieved with each new challenge, building from what we learn and find effective, could bring a person striving at being the best leader they can be, and going through the processes of hard work and variances that precede reaching the final leadership level, Pinnacle, but more on that shortly.

We rely on our leaders for their strengths and directions, which help the cohesive units grow and build on the foundations of your leadership. The first level of leadership is Position, which is granted by the position and tittle you are responsible for. This can either be the start or the end. It can be misused by these who rely on positions they hold over others, to use as leverage for their authority. As a leader, it takes time to build our qualities that take it further than just making sure things run the same.

Understand that your behavior towards others influences your effectiveness as a leader, it helps shape your leadership styles into action rather than stagnant yourself as just managing what is already there. Learning and growing from level 1, integrating your previous knowledge, now starts into building up relationships in level 2, Permission. With the strengths of your leadership developments, it increases your productivity and credibility. Employees have value, and this is a great place to kick it up a notch with providing a supportive environment, earning trust and respect from those around you. When mutual respect is shown, it encourages healthy productivity individually, and as a unit. Each person connects their piece of the puzzle in effort and efficiency, because they have the choice to do so, and feel supported by their contributions.

How could things possibly get better than a connected team, communally supporting each other as valued members? Well the truck may run, but greasing the wheel helps for a smoother ride. Level 3, Production, is about people wanting to follow leadership influences for their credibility and motivation of their teams and getting things done.

Because we keep looking forward in advancing ourselves, having a leader that understands the effectiveness of a well-oiled unit, improves morale when taking things on. Meeting goals, being productive, tackling the hard issues, and strengthening the overall make up of what good leadership is, is the steadfast boost that keeps inspiring others. When you are improving and encouraging production, promoting positive leadership, it begins to have an affect on people, and through this we are investing in the next leaders, and level 4, People Development

Identifying and helping achieve potential, grows the accomplishments within the organization and together. It builds up the foundations for new leaders, the ones who are starting at level 1, and promotes opportunity for advancement, knowledge, and experience. By helping their leadership development, we bring what good we hoped we did, into the aspiring leaders, who will soon be making the choices within their leadership roles.

The pinnacle, level 5, is the most challenging level yet, for it requires determination to focus, a full on commitment of investing in yourself and others, is creating the best leaders for tomorrow, who will create bonds and influence those around them, who will then do the same and work through the same levels their predecessors worked very hard at, the pinnacle of leadership.