The opportunities at Chilcotin Holidays Guest Ranch

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The opportunities at Chilcotin Holidays RanchI am at Chilcotin Holidays Guest Ranch for 1 month and 2 weeks, and I will stay a total of 2 and a half months. I am here for my university internship, thus, I am here for some accounting and management stuff. That’s why I am used to working in the office, nevertheless this choice doesn’t close the gates of the opportunities to me. In fact, there are so many things to do and to learn at the Ranch. Through all these activities and all of what you can learn, you can and you will live a lot of experiences.

Personally, I never rode before, fished, operated a chainsaw, or went target shooting. Now I know all of that thanks to the opportunities here. When there is guest at the Ranch, a lot of activities are going on and you can just jump on the opportunity to join in and participate. Thanks to these opportunities I learned how to ride, how to fly fishing, how to safely run a chainsaw or how to target shoot. That’s why the Chilcotin holidays Ranch is this kind of place where you can learn and live a lot of experiences even if you have never done it before.

Moreover, even if at the beginning I came here for an accounting internship, I was able to go on a pack trip as an assistant guide. Therefore I had to know all of the stuff about packing, saddling, riding… This was also an opportunity because no matter for what you came for at the beginning, at the end you will have the chance to try everything you would like to.

Finally, I would say that for sure, when you leave the Ranch, you will have grown-up. You will leave this place with a bunch of stories and experiences to share with your family and friends. You will leave this place and be proud of yourself, of what you’ve accomplished here. You will leave this place with a lot of knowledge that you didn’t have when you came. Here, you just have to jump on the opportunities, to live experiences and adventures; by going through them you will learn so many things.

– Jean, France