Internship Story – Jessie

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I’m from the United States, specifically Wisconsin. I live in a big city back home and I was looking for an authentic nature experience while pursing my University Internship. I didn’t know what to expect when coming here but it was unlike anything I could have expected. I was excited to sleep in the canvas tents and to go on hikes around the ranch to be immersed in nature, and to meet new people from all over the world. I spent a lot of my time working with sales and bookings in the office but in my free time I took advantage of everything else that is offered here.

During my time here I’ve had so many new experiences that I will never forget. One of the guides here, Lea, once said “Fear is the lack of exposure,” and that is exactly what I felt. With many of my new experiences from horse riding, trotting, going on a pack trip, driving the tractor, cooking for 20+ people, bareback riding, target shooting, I at first felt so intimidated and fearful of some of these things but that’s only because I’ve never done it before. After doing these things once however you really gain your confidence and you feel almost like an expert and thirsty for more! I’ve been here for a total of six weeks and I am sad to go. I have another year of school to finish up and then I’ll be ready for my next big adventure.Internship Story - Jessie