Forestry and Woodlot Management

  • Identify trees for select logging
  • Fall trees safely
  • Skid trees to landing by mechanical or horse logging
  • Buck and limb trees to specification with a chainsaw


Kitchen Management

  • Cook meals for our guests and community partners following a set menu. 
  • Manage communal cooking and cleaning.
  • Carry out inventory and order groceries. 


Mentor Wilderness Guide

  • Embodying and promoting the ranch’s philosophy: it’s specific goals, values and purposes, which are all dedicated towards transforming lives through wilderness adventures.
  • Create programs that encourage personal growth in the South Chilcotin Mountains.
  • Guide guests and staff through exercises and activities on pack trips and dude ranch experiences, encourage everyone to participate and develop themselves in their journey to self-empowerment.
  • Mentor Guides at Chilcotin Holidays move beyond the label of a traditional ‘wilderness guide’. Our guides are individuals who are able to embody our philosophy and culture, and want to use our unique wilderness environment as a stimulus to create meaningful and lasting changes in the lives of staff, guests and themselves.
  • We want individuals who are committed to helping people process and learn from their incredible experiences; focusing on methods that will inspire people to improve performance, accept personal responsibility, and work toward creating value in their work and lives.


Office manager

  • Answer phones and emails.
  • Typing and admin.
  • Processing inquiries, bookings and reservations.
  • Employment, human resources, community management, schedule overview.


Sales and Marketing

  • Create content to promote our culture to prospective interns, students and guests.
  • Post social media content, internship ads, pictures, blog stories, podcasts and videos to our websites and social media sites.


Philosophy Partner: Company Culture

  • Research how the ranch can effectively cultivate creativity, positivity, sustainability and responsibility among their community partners and guests; to create a collaborative culture where innovation can thrive.
  • Seek to develop a work environment that promotes strong community partner-ideals (this is social-entrepreneurship); to improve their performance and work to achieve their goals.
  • Refine the process for guiding guests and community partners through exercises and activities that encourage high-level self-actualization and personal growth, and articulate them in-line with our philosophy.
  • Practice what you preach and be a mentor guide yourself: using the research data, and the newly-formulated activities, to encourage team-members to participate and develop themselves in their journey to empowerment and creating value in their lives.


Ranch Management

  • Use innovative thinking to improve our sustainability and self-reliance.
  • Maintain our garden to grow food such as rhubarb and potatoes.
  • Feed and tend to horses, chickens and pigs.
  • Maintain ranch property, operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment. 
  • Fix fences, cut firewood, recycle garbage, complete inventories, move irrigation, help guides with chores, maintain saddles and riding equipment. 


Wilderness Steward


  • Implement of the foundation’s mission and objectives, involving all community partners in this.
  • Coordinate stewardship and resource management projects.
  • Develope citizen science projects for the collection of wildlife data, use these to educate guests and the public about conservation, both on trips and at the ranch.
  • Collect data on wilderness trips and analyze these.
  • Respond to consultations and referrals and organize meetings with relevant stakeholders.
  • Organize recruitment for research.
  • Convey progress, issues and challenges to the board of directors.
  • Project manage ongoing stewardship and resource management projects, plan future projects and secure funding for the foundation’s projects.
  • Complete land plans with wildlife management.
  • Research wildlife studies that support regulation and management of wildlife.