Guide school assistant story

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Marie riding with the Guide School students

My name is Marie and I am 25 years old. I come from France. I have been at the Chilcotin Holidays ranch for six months now. I came here without a particular expectation and was thinking to stay for only two months and then continue my travels after this short experience. I started to work in the office, where I was able to improve my English everyday. Today, improving my English is still one of my main goals.

I had so many new experiences. It is impossible to describe all of them. For example, I went snowshoeing, snowmobiling, horse logging, bareback riding and horseback riding. I never rode a horse before coming to the ranch but I quickly improved myself. I was also able to give archery and target shooting a try. Furthermore, I became very good at riding the tractor and know nowadays how to use a chainsaw. During these last months, I also challenged myself by cooking for about thirty people.

On my free time, I had the opportunity to discover, either on a horse or while hiking, the mountains and the many amazing landscapes that the South Chilcotin area has to offer.

On top of this, I got to know myself better by testing my limits and challenging myself everyday. This experiences helped me to grow up a little bit more everyday.

When I arrived at the ranch, I did not know what kind of opportunities were available and I think I was just lucky to find this wonderful place. When I saw how much I could learn, I made my mind and decided to stay in order to try out everything.

I stayed, because I believed I still needed to discover more about myself, as well as determining my goals in my life.

The first step to push me over my limits was probably to pass my PAL license (NB: shooting license). I did not know much at that time and I was constantly challenged with the new vocabulary. However, after getting my PAL license, I discovered that I enjoy teaching target shooting to other interns.

At the ranch, we learn that when you want to succeed, you have to get involved and work on your goals. A few of my goals were to practice trimming and learn how to take care of the horses. After succeeding, I joined the first guide school of the season. Everything I learnt gave me an incredible amount of confidence in order to take part in the guide training program. I had a fantastic time while out in the mountains with the other students.

After this unique adventure, I was lucky to assist Leandra, our guide school instructor, during the second guide school. When I came back from the mountains, I went on practicing my new guiding skills by leading my first guests who were here for a 4 Days ranch Stay. At first, I was nervous as it was my first time but I quickly became more confident as I could see that my guests were enjoying themselves. If someone told me six months ago that I would be guiding, I would not have thought that it would come true. Now, I think I would say: “Yes, why not, you can do everything. You just have to make it happen.”