First Nation Log cabin Building and me from Switzerland

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First Nation Log cabin Building and me from SwitzerlandWhen I am in an other place in the world, I like to meet people from there. That makes the experience more special and let me feel that I am really in and apart of this country. I like to learn more about the history and the culture.

One day, I was raking in a field at the Ranch. During this week a log cabin building course took place here. The people which came for this course were First Nations. I’m very interested about how to build a log cabin and I like to work with a chainsaw. So I made a decision to stop my work for a few minutes, to watch closer how they operate the chainsaw. It took me a bit of willpower to go to the group, because it’s maybe not usual that a girl is interested in log cabin building and chainsaw. When I was staying and watching for maybe one minute, Kevan came to me and said, I would like you to do a chainsaw orientation. So I went to collect different safety stuff. When I came back, one of the First Nations people had the job to explain and show me how the chainsaw works. That was an awesome experience. He watched if I did it right and taught me how to stand properly for safety. But that was not all! The starter switch was broken and I could help to fix the wire inside. Kevan showed me a way you could do it, when you are in the wilderness and not close to proper tools. After that, I could do a notch into a log by myself. I could watch, learn and do! It was amazing! My decision to watch how they do, let me have a such a great experience. I spent approximately 1 hour there, working, learning, laughing and talking with all of them. They all let me be a part of the group. When I went back to raking, I was so motivated and had so much power. I felt full of happiness!

Additionally, I was able to go for a ride with the first nations people, Kevan and one other girl. That was a very special ride for me and I will never forget this adventure! We did1 hour of riding along Gun Creek, Kevan wanted to have me in the front. But I have never been in the front before! It was awesome!

When the First Nations said good bye, the next special moment was happend. This man, the one showing me how to use the chainsaw, he gave me a special gift at the end. It means a lot to me! He gave me his own cap!

Here at the Ranch, I really feel that I am apart of this country and not only as a guest or visitor. I really live here!


– Annina, Switzerland