Why I would chose Chilcotin Holidays for my university internship again

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Why I would chose Chilcotin Holidays for my university internship againLast year of my university studies in International Law and Development I was looking for an internship on the other side of the world. The easiest thing would be to do an internship in France, without the language barrier, but I went to a country by myself without anyone I know.

My first thoughts were: I am doing international studies so I need to go to a foreign country, and I wanted to improve my English so choosing an English speaking country was an obvious choice for me.

At Chilcotin Holidays the managing and teaching process is so different than what I was expecting. Still used to the French process where people give you orders and tell you what you have to do, in which way and when it has to be done. Here it is not the same at all, it is a well-oiled machine; everybody has different abilities and capacities and teach to others, everybody here is at the same time a trainee and a mentor because you always have something to learn.

On the side of all the professional skills we acquire here there is also the emotional and personal side. In this environment people grow easily, take charge, become responsibile and become more independent and self-confident. At first, talking in front of a group was a really hard task for me and now I fee more confident about it, don’t want to hide myself anymore.

Why I would chose Chilcotin Holidays for my university internship againHere, failure is not the end of something, it is a beginning. Failures are a normal thing, everyone has some failures small or big, the size of the failure is not the most important, I think the most important is how you react and what you do to fix your mess. You learn how to react in front of problems and how to deal with it, how to handle the pressure without losing your mind and ithat is the most important.

At Chilcotin Holidays, I know that I grew a lot by taking charge and responsibilities in my work but also by becoming more self-confident and outspoken with others. If you have the chance to do it and if I had to go back six months I will chose Chilcotin Holidays again.

– Cynthia, France