Being a campaigner

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Being a campainerCampaigners are usually known to be complainers, it’s the most common joke around. I wasn’t too pleased when I first did the 16 personality test, thinking you can’t put people into boxes. Four months later I proved myself wrong as I keep having campaigner’s trait. The main thing to remember is that there is no good or bad personalities, only a different way of self managing. We all have the same traits but because our managing and the ones we decide to develop or to hide, we are all different.

I realized lately how much of a campaigner I was. I like to be part of a team with common goals and I give all I have to the team. Unfortunately I’m a bit too extreme and I don’t always lead in the right direction, I also put all my issues on the team which in the end is like shooting myself in the foot. Because that’s clearly not my intention, all I want is to get all my issues out of my system. Being capable of self-reflection means being aware of our self-management in any situation. To be able to do it I need to look at myself from another angle, from somebody else perspective. It helps a lot when that outsider is capable of looking at you in the eyes, that you value that person and that in the end that person doesn’t put you down, but help you understand yourself better. It shocked me to see how much I influence people, which can be a great asset, but a terrible thing if I don’t use it wisely. I have been a cloud over the ranch, for a day, the “Celina’s cloud”. No one knows if it’s a storm coming up or if in the end the wind will blow it away. This is not the self-reflection I want to have about me, I would rather be a rainbow. I need to keep working on my personal purpose and goals, it’s the easiest way to learn how to manage myself.

– Celina, France