Application For The Experience Of A Lifetime

This Application Process page will show you the required employment process for acceptance as an intern or paid employee. For internship applicants, this is a self-selection process. Applicants for paid positions are not automatically approved by passing the application process. We recommend this process for any job seeker or person considering a career change, as you will benefit from this questionnaire exercise – even if you don’t come to the wilderness in the end:

  • Mountains and Meadows in Canadian Wilderness
    "Thank you for inviting me into your world. After reviewing everything, and clarifying my goals, I would like to thank you all for considering my application; but my decision is to not pursue this employment opportunity. I found the process very rewarding, and especially the clarifying of goals; we all live in a complicated world and seek the best in each other and in nature. Again, appreciate your humanity and thoughtfulness." -David

Stage 1

You are now in the first stage, which requires you to complete the  following tasks in order of appearance:

Have fun and enjoy your thought process by filling out this first questionnaire. You will probably think about things you might never have thought about or simply can’t answer yet. Your self-reflection process will help define your interest in working in the wilderness along with your interests, goals and purposes of your life which relate to this lifestyle. Fill out all the questions with as much information as possible.

Stage 2

After successful completion of stage 1, you will receive a notification email from us, entering stage 2 of the employment process containing the following steps:

  • Read the Internship / Employee handbook, that we will send you, once you entered stage 2 of the application process.
  • Fill in and sign “Questionnaire 2”, that we will send you once you entered stage 2 of the application process.

If you feel ready for this adventure, we are looking forward to hearing from you!


To be able to edit and save the Questionnaire PDF-files, you most likely need the newest version of Acrobat-Reader (external Link). Once you filled in the form go to “file”-”save as” and name your personal Questionnaire-Form. If any problems occur filling out the Questionnaire right-click here and “save target/link as” to save the PDF-file on your computer.

If you strive to meet our expectations … we will exceed yours.

Application form