You failed. It didn’t work this time. It didn’t work last time. I can’t do it. Why should I bother anymore? It’s inevitable for those who take chances, make mistakes and run in the world of change, to face these realities and frustrations. Failing equals one way something didn’t work. Albert Einstein said the only source of knowledge is experience and to experience, is trial and error. If you do not fail, you probably cannot succeed. It is one of the hardest concepts to come to terms with and accept as an inevitable, so why do we keep trying?

That would be for when what you dream, or hoped for, actually reaches that prospering moment. The mindset of success is to see the world with fresh eyes. If you can see it, feel it, breath it, it can happen, and knowing that you did your best to get there, that you kept trying, and trying, no matter what happened, is freedom.

Over the years, the societal expectation of our youthful generations has changed. We award for little to no effort, just for being. No matter the level of participating, just being there rewards everyone, effort and drive mean little these days; you’re special no matter what. What makes people special is how they try in life, not because they were born. Our roles of failure, has gone from “you can do it, just keep trying”, to ‘lets just get it over with’, an underwhelming decrease to pushing yourself. Why take the chance when there could be easier ways than trying and failing at something that doesn’t work out.

The freedom to try and fail is what progress is, and forgetting that or not putting in effort, should not mean you are rewarded. There is the fire in all of us to contribute to our world and to ourselves, some more than others, but for all we can control our effort level we put in trying for a new outcome, even if it fails. Entrepreneurship is a perfect example of the willingness to risk failure

We would never get anywhere if everyone gave up, would we? The wheel would never have been made and the realities we have come to depend on would not exist. These days there are ‘handout expectations, and bailouts expectations, for actions that we do not learn from, no knowledge or experience is gained from their inadequacies that caused the need in the first place. Performance is learning from our mistakes so the same mistakes are not made. If we take away our mistakes and failed attempts, we take away what makes this world unique, a world of possibilities and opportunity. As the song sung by Julie Andrews’s states, in the sound of music, ‘nothing comes from nothing, and nothing ever could’, is saying if you don’t try, there is nothing gained and the wheel stays square and the learning and trying, stops.

Life was never meant to be easy, safe, and untailored to the needs of a single or the many; failure is just a challenge to do better the next round, for mankind to be better, for us to be better. It is ingrained in our very bones, that we keep moving forward. If we ignore our very humanity, then we stagnate our progress and human nature, our right to try, and our very freedom as a people. We stop it all.

But that is not what human nature is about, when we see opportunity, we should make the most of it. You want to win a trophy then learn and get better at your sport: you want to graduate and advance in a career, work hard with your abilities and reach as far as you can. If you fail, you try, and try again. It what gets us where we want to be, because if we don’t take chances and put in effort, we will never know our potential as individuals, and together. If no one is trying to overcome what holds us back, how will we know what could be.

People, who succeed in motivating themselves to try, are reward for their effort. Maybe not right now, or in a year or two, but it happens when you try, giving an emotional and mental sense of purpose to keep trying, keep risking failure, because one day, that opportunity could be knocking on your door. The question is, what will you do with it?