Are you looking for something more than your ordinary life provides? Are you chasing a dream you don’t know how to fulfill? Do you seek to live your life with purpose? Are you ready to make your contribution to the world? We are an international group of highly committed people who strive to grow in our personalities, conserve our environment and contribute to a higher purpose.

At Rewilded Minds, as part of the Trails to Empowerment community, we strive to embrace challenges that take us on a transformational journey to become our best selves.. We believe that struggle and challenges facilitate your ability to create positive change, for yourself, for others and for the world.

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On our community website Trails to Empowerment, we provide a number of inspirational sources that you can delve into, including podcast, videos and blog stories from our community partners at the ranch. Our principles and actions, as laid out at Trails to Empowerment, are dictated by the laws of nature and defined in our Community Belief System. This exploration is just the beginning of your journey to a fulfilled life, you may start to reflect on your current life situation, asking yourself fundamental questions such as who you are and what kind of person you want to become.


Our Three Pillars are central to everything we do.

1. Personal Growth – we guide you on a journey of self discovery as you identify your interests and goals. You will live your life with purpose.
2. Nature Connection – we facilitate a nature connection through wilderness experiences where you will learn from the laws of nature.
3. Nature Conservation – we promote conservation of wildlife, stewardship of the land and responsible management for the future.


What to learn more? Visit our Trails to Empowerment website.