logcabin-schoolWilderness-based companies are unique in that they mirror many of nature’s best qualities: goal-driven action, pursuit of symbiotic partnerships, and efficiency. These aspects are not only beneficial but vital to the success of any business. The diversity of nature is what provides such a multitude of entrepreneurial opportunities within wilderness-based industries. The vast array of drastically different landscapes and habitats, combined with an equally diverse set of activities and uses, makes the list of new business ventures as limitless as the horizon.

We have worked with entrepreneurs in various fields to successfully foster new business ventures and create this Entrepreneurship Program. These ventures have included travel agencies, forestry contracting businesses, trucking companies, wilderness survival schools, and youth training organizations. In the last six months, we partnered with motivated entrepreneurs to build five thriving wilderness-based companies from the ground up. These endeavours were successful because we combined the creativity and vision of our entrepreneurs with the knowledge, connections, and extensive experience of local business mentors.

If you have the right qualities, we have the experience and connections to turn your wilderness business idea into a reality. We like to think of our entrepreneurship program as an “incubator” for nascent business ventures. The businesses grow and take shape as we provide safeguards and a hospitable atmosphere for their development. This includes coaching in the operational, financial, and human resource aspects of your business.

Do you have a clear vision for a wilderness business or are you interested in applying your entrepreneurial background to wilderness-based industries? Send us an email at info@wildernessjobs.ca with the subject line, “Entrepreneurship Program.” We look forward to working and innovating together!

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