What are you waiting for to become a Guide ???

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Here, at the ranch, we can offer you the opportunity to become a guide, follow a serious training in many fields and live a dream!!!

You can be a Horse Back, Hike, Outfitter and Angling Guide but you can also do the Log Cabin Building, Horse Logging and Tourism Management Courses and if you want to improve your English you can take part to our ESL School.

We give you the possibility to learn more about nature, wildlife and leadership.


During the 1 or 2 weeks training you will learn pack trip (600 x 450)the basic survival skills, how to trim, to shoe and to pack a horse, the wilderness life and how to lead a trip with guests. After the Guide School you will can stay at the ranch to practice your new skills becoming one of our ranch-based guide or pack trip guide or any other interest work.



Follow the courses will bring you lot of new skills and experience in these fields. You will learn everything about:

Log Cabin Building (1) (600 x 450)


how to build a log cabin, few carpentry skills and the  team work.




Horse Logging (4) (600 x 404)

how to use a chainsaw, to work with horses to log the forest that is a very specific technique and the team work.




ESL school (600 x 450)


If you are not sure about your English, don’t  hesitate to spend 1, 2 or 4 weeks with our teacher  to improve it and take part to the activities to the  ranch and be in immersion in a total English  environment.