Staff Story Laura & Alex

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staff story: Laura & Alex
Staff story: Laura & Alex at Pearson Lookout

This is a staff story of two interns that were matched with a wilderness ranch in British Columbia:

We are Laura and Alex and we are both 24 years old. We are studying economics in Germany and doing a university-related internship for 5 weeks. We wanted to challenge ourselves, spend time with horses and discover a country we have never visited before. After arriving at the ranch we felt very uncomfortable because we were ripped out of our comfort zone very quickly (the Canadian mountains are very different from the German city:). The next few days we tried to get used to the real ranch life. It wasn’t easy but we made it!

We are at the ranch for 2 weeks now and work often in the office, but due to a busy month we had the chance to get a try in every department. After only a few days we were in charge of the whole office and tried our skills to be a kitchen manager as well.

We also had the opportunity to go for riding and we rode to “Pearson Lookout”, a lovely trail 1 hour away from the ranch. As you can see on the picture we had an amazing view over the mountains, despite the clouds and the rain. Another time we had an adventure while going to “Lani Camp”, where we have led all of our horses to a grazing meadows in the bush.

Coming back from our trip we found out that all chicken were freed. They were running all over the ranch and cackled happily. Armed with a bucket full of grain we walked in a single file with all the chickens following us. And since then we have way more eggs!

During our stay we saw a lot of different animals, like deer, chipmunks and squirrels. Especially watching the squirrels stockpiling pine cones to their “secret” lair makes us smiling everyday. They are very cute and funny.

The unique possibilities let us accept responsibilities right at the beginning which enabled us to develop our leadership skills and to grow with demanding situations like being a guide during a riding orientation or discovering fresh bear poop while hiking through the wilderness.

We are looking forward to the next 3 weeks of experiencing a lot of adventures and writing more staff stories.

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