Riding in the Chilcotin Mountains

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Riding in the Chilcotin MountainsAs a city person I’m not really used to ridding horses, i liked it but I didn’t practice it a lot.

So when i arrived at the Chilcotin Holidays and see all of the horses and all of this beautiful mountains i feel really excited about the idea to go ridding in the Canadian forest !

First of all I need to learn how to saddle a horse, not really easy at the beginning but with some practice and good tips from my colleagues I made it !

Now i was waiting for my ridding orientation and the occasion to ride this beautiful and powerful horses ! in fact with around 40 horses i think you can find the one who is made for you !

When the D-DAY came I was tired after a good day of work and I wasn’t expected my ride for this evening! when my colleague told me « okay, let’s go for your orientation » i was so surprised and happy !

As i said before I already ride horses but it was around seven years ago ! my first feeling was not so bad ! I refind my good sensation and I know I have to trust in my horse to have good time.

After few meters, here they are : the Chilcotin Mountain ! so beautiful landscape with this snowing top and this green trees. I felt so free and so glad to be on this ride !

As long as I was on my horse i saw new things behind each trees, from the huge pine tree to the mountain’s river and the wild deer close to us.

You have a better view of everything when you are on your horse, your are on top of the hills and feel confident, happy and free.

This ride changed my day and gave me a lot of awesome memories in the mountains. I feel as a part of the nature not just an alone subject in his environment. My horse and me made one, the nature and us made one, everything was related to the other.

Now I just want to go on a ride again, breath the fresh air of the mountain and enjoy the life with the nature ! I can just strongly recommend you to come and live this amazing horse ride in the Chilcotin’s Mountain.

Melvin, France