Outdoor Adventure Jobs

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Check out our outdoor adventure job opportunities in British Columbia Canada. Affiliated lodges working together to give you the opportunity to work in established wilderness tourism businesses.

Guest Ranch Job(s) available: Trail Guides/ Product Manager. We offer yHorseback Guideear-round customized ranch and camp-based trips with add-on multi-sport activities at our authentic western dude ranch in BC. 

Horse Pack Trips Job(s) available: Pack Trip Guides/ Wranglers/ Product Manager. Licensed guides escort travelers from May through October to any of our 25 wilderness camps located in the mountain tops and valleys.

Guide School Job(s) available:Instructors/ Product Manager. Teach wilderness horse guide skills.You must shoe- and pack horses, cook on the campfire and take care of 20 horses. packing a horse

Hiking Guide Job(s) available: Hike Guides/ Product Manager. There are guided multi-day alpine hiking trips and wilderness trekking tours from May to October. A good physical condition is a must.

Wildlife Viewing Job(s) available: Wildlife Viewing Guides/ Product Manager. Year round wildlife viewing from ranch or camps for 13 big game species, birds and other small animals.

Snowmobiling Job(s) available: Snowmobile Guides/ Product Manager. Conducting guided tours by snowmobile into six mountain areas where guests can access deep powder on the mountain tops from November through April.

Mountain Biking Job(s) available: Mountain Bike Guides/ Product Manager. We have mountain bike tours conducted through a range of mountain terrain from May to October.

ESL Job(s) available: ESL Teachers horse skills is an asset. Our ESL school offers English training and nature-based learning activities in Canadian culture not avaiable anywhere else in the world.

Fishing Job(s) available: Fishing Guides/ Product Manager. Fishing trips to numerous rivers and lakes where five species of fish can be fished year round. fishing

Back-country Skiing Job(s) available: Ski Guides/ Product Manager. Guided back-country skiing on un-tracked routes, out of remote mountain chalets and mountain huts.

Chalet Rental Job(s) available: Product Manager. Rental of a historic guest ranch lodge, three smaller log chalets and 25 wilderness mountain camps and chalets.

Woodlot Job(s) available: Woodlot Forestry Manager. A private 600 hectare tree farm (woodlot) which produces wood for veneers, dimension timbers, house logs, fence logs and Christmas trees.

Native Culture Job(s) available: Cultural Tour Guide/ Product Manager. To teach the Native culture experience, stalking wildlife, drying meat, edible plants, tanning buckskin and living in a kikwilly house.

Wilderness Stewardship Job(s) available: Biologist/ Ecologist/ Product Manager. Wilderness Stewardship Foundation aims to educate and participate in responsible and sustainable management of resources in the Chilcotin Mountains through wildlife population studies, conservation projects and providing input to local management plans.

Bushcraft Guide Job(s) available: Guide /Program Manager. Can you survive anywhere Pine Needles Teawith just a few basic tools? Do you have the right training and skills to teach a bushcraft course?

Native Wilderness Skills Instructor Job(s) available: Guide /Program Manager. Native Wilderness course are about teaching about native food, native food sources, native shelters, cooking on the campfire and native culture. Find contact details below.

Rafting Guide Job(s) available: Guide /Program Manager. Organizing rafting tours and teaching guest how to manage a boat in a wild river.

Zip Line Guide Job(s) available: Guide /Program Manager. Managing the Zip Line and instructing guests about the safety and activity.

Hunting Guide Job(s) available: Guide /Program Manger. Guiding clients and advising on safety and emergency measures, techniques and use of equipment; using firearms or archery; skinning animals; treating, packing and transporting pelts, preparing for shipping.

Videographer Job(s) available: Video our clients/wildlife on trips and edit video for clients and marketing.

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