One way ticket to life’s purpose, learning process and achievement

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One way ticket to life's purpose, learning process and achievementIf you are reading this, you probably already know the concept of blog stories that exist within our staff
members and guests at ranch, and also with the fact that here, everyone tries to focus on themselves to
achieve personal growths, improving their leadership skills and learning any new skills that they’re
willing to learn by making the effort of investing time in it.

For this self development, self-empowerment story, you should at least know a bit of my past.
After high school, I spent 5 years studying computer science, and then two years working in that field. In
2016, looking back at all those years, I made simple math. 7 hours a day working behind a computer, plus
4 more hours after work for the past 7 years is a lot of time sitting on a chair behind a desk, around 18 000
hours in fact. Since high school, I’ve had in mind to travel the world. I’ve always loved being outdoors,
riding horses, rock climbing or hiking. So, after my masters, I gave myself two years to work and save
money to leave home and comfort, and learn about life and myself. So, I busted my ass 10 hours a day
behind a computer for two years, and then took a flight to South America and it’s iconic mountains tops.
Over there, I walked hundreds of kilometers through forest and mountains, lived three month in the
woods without running water and electricity, and hitchhiked for a thousand more kilometers. My goal was
to reach the Cap Horn, the far end of the south American continent. But along the way, I discovered that
something was missing in my life, and this something, was beautiful animals: horses. So here I am,
shortening my travel through South America, changing my main goal almost two weeks from reaching it,
and jumping on a plane heading back home for the next two months and organizing the paper work for
Chilcotin Holidays ranch to follow a Wilderness horseback guiding school, in the B.C. wilderness.
It’s easy to say, but I think life is meant to be lived. Whatever you’re doing, you should feel fulfilled,
either happy or sad, I try to ban any regrets out of life, and for that, if I feel that I must do something, then
I’m doing it. So whatever the obstacles and challenges life’s putting on your path, just think it through
quickly and run into it. The worst that can happen is failure, and failures are great giver’s of lessons, and
cherry on the cake is that you won’t have any regrets.

Here though, at the ranch and especially when you’re guiding a wilderness horse pack trip through the Rocky Mountains, failure can have a whole other degree of consequences; here it is a matter
of life and death. But isn’t it pretty much always? When you’re hitting 8 hours of trail in Chile without
the right map, with bad weather and with two hours late on the planned departure time, on your own,
well… Is it more scary than going through a crowd of crazy humans during black Friday? For most
people, for sure it is, for me, not that much, it’s just a question of how far you are willing to get out of
your comfort zone, and how much you trust your fears to make you take the less bad decision in a
situation where noting can really be controlled.

In France, I was going to bed at 4 a.m, and waking up at 2 pm or later, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day,
and eating one meal a day. Here, since day one, I quit smoking, wake up at 5 am with lots of energy, and
never stop doing something during the day, with envy, interest and passion each second. When you find
something you love, a passion that drives you, an environment who you can grow on every personal plan
through this passion and with other people who share the same principles as you do, no matter the
difference of age, language, past or interests, I think that you don’t need much more to be happy and
fulfilling your life. Find something you love to do, and you will never have a hard time getting up in the
morning and working until orange and pink color the sunset sky. Because then, you’re just enjoying your
day through something that makes sense to you. It’s not work, it’s just the simplest fact of living. Yes,
you can feel tired, but you keep going, because you love that, and what’s the point of life if you’re staying
inactive all day long? Sure, enjoying the bird singing, laying down in the grass watching the clouds
drawing abstract painting above the world is surely not a waste of time, but it’s because you’re keeping your days busy that you can enjoy even more of these moments of pure rest. As everything in life, it’s just
a question of balance, choices and purpose.

After 25 days, Chilcotin Holidays’ ranch has taught me that if you really put yourself into something,
whatever the risks, you can, and will achieve your goals, because if your whole heart and body work
together towards a singular goal, then it’s the whole universe that conspires to make it happen. You’re
becoming your true self, you’re becoming aware of who you are, what you can do, and what’s
surrounding you.

But as life goes on, and days are passing by, lessons are learned, choices are made, and goals are
changing, so I will see tomorrow morning, when the sun begins its slow race to the other side of the
hemisphere, who I am on that day, what I want and where I’m going. And if all the answers to those
questions are different than yesterday when the sun will end his daily race behind the horizon, well, I’ll
just follow my heart and do my best to get there. But for now, I’m pretty sure I know what I want and
where I am. Maybe not totally of who I really am yet though.

Keep on going, keep your feet moving and blew regrets away.

Eve Enslen wrote : “Go so far away that you stop being afraid of not coming back”.

– Christophe, France