rider_sizedOne of the key benefits of working closely with nature is the development of your leadership skills. The wilderness demands a level of commitment and certitude that is unmatched in any other environment. In nature there are inescapable cause and effect relationships. If grizzly bears do not intentionally feed and store up fat during the summer, they will not survive their winter hibernation. When the temperature reaches 0 degrees Celsius, water freezes. The wilderness lays down the laws and you either follow them and live, or ignore them and die. It’s that simple. This kind of high stakes environment is what draws out the true character, fortitude, and untapped potential of those who live and work in the wilderness. Nature offers a leadership course unlike any other. There are no name tags, no meet-and-greets, and no conference rooms. There are just results.

Nature is able to slice through the fog of uncertainty and clarify individuals’ true leadership potential because of one thing: truth. Truth is the driving force, the very heartbeat of nature. Immersing yourself in such an environment provides a mirror for self-awareness that is hard to come by in the city. The realities of nature force you to see the truth about yourself: your strengths, your weaknesses, your convictions. Only when you see where you are can envision where you want to be, as a person and as a leader.

“Growing as a leader requires a combination of intentional growth and leadership experience.”

John C. Maxwell, The 5 Levels of Leadership

IMG_2157Working in nature certainly provides both the motivation to grow and the opportunities to employ what you have learned. The ever present learning opportunities and challenges inherent to nature necessitate that you grow stronger and smarter every day. To truly thrive in a wilderness setting, you need to invest more than your minimum effort. You must have a resolute, determined purpose to improve and grow through the daily hurdles encounter. At every turn, you will have the opportunity to utilize the credibility, confidence, and purpose-driven mentality that you have developed. Each of these qualities make for effective, life-changing leadership.

If you are eager to grow as a leader and develop your true potential, nature is ready and willing to be your teacher. The real question is, “Will you take on the challenge?”

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