With The Right Character Traits You Can Advance Vertically & Horizontally In Wilderness-based Industries

Horseback Guide (600 x 450)There are few ceilings in wilderness-based occupations, with many opportunities to evolve and grow within the same wilderness business. You can advance your career Opportunities vertically, by meeting the following criteria:

  • Successfully complete all monthly reviews of company policies and procedures.
  • Successfully complete company education tests.
  • Hold all required certificates and licenses required for your position.
  • Perform above and beyond the required standards in your department.
  • Demonstrate a responsible and positive attitude.
  • Motivate your coworkers through effective, dependable leadership.

You can also advance horizontally by transitioning to a new department. For example, you can transition from a ranch house cook to a carpenter or from office sales and marketing to mountain wilderness guide. There are opportunities behind every corner!

Wilderness Guides Riding through the ValleyIn outdoors focused industries, you are not stuck in one position, which is a common problem in other industries. Your employer will encourage you to constantly learn new skills and develop your leadership potential. Once you have fulfilled your goals, interests and purpose – physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually – you have the opportunity to identify new interests and goals.

In a regular work setting, pursuing new interests and goals is uncommon. The wilderness setting, however, encourages you to follow its example by growing, adapting, and evolving into the best, most authentic version of yourself.

So, why are workers in wilderness-based industries committed to their personal growth and the pursuit of their specific interests, goals and purpose?

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