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Motivated, Courageous Leaders Find Their True Calling In Nature

Wilderness tourism jobs across the globe offer many year round opportunities and experiences. You could be riding horses in the mountains one week and be in charge of sales and marketing in the office the next week. Constantly immersing yourself in new and challenging situations will develop your leadership potential in ways that no other environment can. Whether you are seeking a summer job or an internship in the wilderness tourism industry, this site has many opportunities for you. Regardless of which opportunity you pursue, you will reap the benefits of working close to nature.

Love the outdoors?

We can open the door to your dream job if you have the right attitude and are motivated to learn the necessary skills for working and living in a wilderness setting. Wilderness jobs can fulfill any interest, skill level, time commitment and circumstances, from the novice to the advanced outdoor enthusiast.

Working in the wilderness tourism industry gives you the chance to live and work in the remote beauty of nature. Instead of working in a cubicle, your “office” will be under blue skies, amidst snow capped mountains and close to wildlife. This is just one of many benefits of working in the wilderness. As long as you invest in yourself and work towards your interests and goals, a diversity of opportunities awaits you.

Wilderness Job Opportunities, by category:

Guest RanchJob Seekers-riders-with-packhorsesCustom, four season ranch and camp-based trips with add-on multi-sport activities at authentic western dude ranches. Job(s) available: Guides, Product Manager.

Horse Pack TripsLicensed guides escort travelers from May through October to wilderness camps located on the mountain tops and in the valleys. Job(s) available: Wranglers, Product Manager.

Wilderness Guide Training School Horse-based wilderness guide training school from April to September. Job(s) available: Instructor, Product Manager.

Guided Hiking Trips There are guided multi-day alpine hiking trips and wilderness trekking tours. Job(s) available: Hike Guides, Product Manager.

Wildlife Viewing Job Seekers-Grizzly-sow-and-3-cubsYear round wildlife viewing (either ranch or camp based) of 13 big game species, birds and other small animals. Job(s) available: Wildlife Viewing Guides, Product Manager.

Self-Sustainable/Organic Agriculture The wilderness environment provides opportunities to live and work in a self-sustainable fashion. Organic vegetable farming, organic fruit orchards, live-stock care and wild harvesting are all available, depending on the season. Job(s) available: Farm Hand, Product Manager

SnowmobilingGuided and unguided tours by snowmobile into six mountain areas where guests can access deep powder on the mountain tops from November through April. Job(s) available: Snowmobile Guides, Product Manager.

Mountain BikingJob Seekers-Employment & Education Opportunities Wilderness Tourism, Nature Environment, Natural Resources. International Jobs Interns Volunteers CanadaMountain bike tours that are accessible from mountain camps. Job(s) available: Mountain Bike Guides, Product Manager.

Guide Outfitting Year round guide outfitter specializing in fair chase hunts. Job(s) available: Guides, Product Manager.

ESL ESL schools offering a unique combination of English training and nature-based learning activities in local culture. Job(s) available: ESL Teachers with horse skills.

Fishing Fishing trips to numerous rivers and lakes where many species of fish can be fished year round. Job(s) available: Fishing Guides, Product Manager.

Backcountry Skiing Guided backcountry skiing on un-tracked routes, out of remote mountain chalets and mountain huts. Job(s) available: Ski Guides, Product Manager.

Chalet Rental Rental of historic guest ranch lodges,  smaller log chalets and wilderness mountain camps and chalets. Job(s) available: Product Manager.

Woodlot A private 600 hectare tree farm (woodlot) which produces wood for veneers, dimension timbers, house logs, fence logs and Christmas trees. Job(s) available: Woodlot Forestry Manager.

Native Culture Native culture experience, tracking wildlife, drying meat, tanning buckskin and living in a kikwilly house. Job(s) available: Cultural Tour Guide, Product Manager.

Bus Transporting clients between major cities and remote wilderness locations. Job(s) available: Tour Bus Driver Manager.

All wilderness jobs have a product manager for each of the above business products. Each manager markets  each part of the business to its full potential. Seasonal product managers can be responsible for managing both winter and summer products. For example, mountain biking tours during summer months and snowmobiling trips during the winter.

Your commitment to yourself and to the company must be your priority to truly experience a rewarding and satisfying experience. You will be working for some of the most diversified four season wilderness tourism operators and companies in the world.