Discover your dream careerYou have spent countless hours in the library, taken page after page of notes, and crammed for midterm exams. Now it’s time to take a break from the classroom and apply what you’ve learned. Outdoor and wilderness-based industries provide many opportunities that will allow you to transfer your academic knowledge to real world situations. Whether you are majoring in business management, tourism operations, accounting, wildlife studies, forestry management, or a multitude of other majors, there is an internship in a wilderness industry that will match your focus.

Many interns have earned academic credit and met their graduation requirements through the university internships they found on this site. The diversity of wilderness-based companies mimics the diversity that is found in nature. This unique aspect allows students and host to tailor the internship to the needs of the student and the needs of the wilderness enterprise. The symbiotic foundation of this partnership finds its inspiration in nature. This habit of establishing “win/win” relationships is essential for successful living, and has even made it into modern culture
(see The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey). has worked with university students from around the world

Accelerated Learning

"Nature is the ultimate classroom. There are no chalkboards, no desks, just life-altering lessons and opportunities to develop your leadership abilities."
“Nature is the ultimate classroom. There are no chalkboards, no desks, just life-altering lessons and opportunities to develop your leadership abilities.”
On-the-job training in a wilderness setting will propel you to solidify your knowledge base and create a foundation from which you can build a successful career and life. The challenges that are inherent to nature will empower you to harness your true potential and leadership skills. By forging ahead through these obstacles, you will develop the confidence to carve out your dream career and make the most of what you have learned in school.

Both your personal and your professional resume will grow exponentially during your wilderness-based internship. Gaining real-world experience in such a unique setting allows you to build a highly respected resume that will impress any employer. Additionally, your time in nature will develop your confidence and competence in unforeseen ways.

Are you up for the challenge and ready to put the knowledge you learned in the classroom to practice? Talk with your academic advisers and start the application process for your university internship today.

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