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Internship story of Sophie:

My name is Sophie, I am a 21 year old student currently studying psychology in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have now been at the ranch for two weeks, and am having the best time! I decided to come to the ranch as a rest from my studies over the summer break from university. I was really attracted to the outdoor lifestyle, opportunities to work with horses.

When I first arrived I was keen to work wherever I was needed, and quickly became very involved in the kitchen. Within a few days I was given the responsibility of helping to cook several meals a day for everyone staying at the ranch. Though slightly daunting at first, it was great to be challenged in this way and a couple of weeks down the line I am much more confident and have even improved my cooking skills. I am now looking forward to the next challenge, hopefully doing some maintenance work as a ranch hand all over the territory. In my free time here I have been spending a lot of time with the horses. I have experience with horses already, but here I have had the opportunity to learn western style riding and some natural horsemanship training methods.

My time at the ranch so far has taught me a great deal, as I am challenged daily, I can gain new skills and improve existing ones all of the time. I have met some great people (and horses) during my time so far, which all contribute to the experience. I am excited to see what the remaining six weeks have to offer, when I will have to take all of my new skills home and attempt to adjust to library life again!


Sophie on her way to Lover's Bluff
Sophie on her way to Lover’s Bluff