Interests, Goals and Purpose- A practical Application Fishing Trout

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Interests, Goals and Purpose- A practical Application Fishing TroutI’ve always said back home, that all the fishing lakes and fishing sites were fished out.

Either that or I’m a terrible fisherman.

During my time in Canada, with its world renowned fishing lakes and fishing sites, I decided to prove that it was not me who was the terrible fisherman, but my local fishing sites that were the terrible spot.

Knowing that Canadian Fishing Lakes are teeming with fish, I set out to what I thought would be a simple venture fishing trout.

Arriving at a lake I’d been recommended for fishing trout, I felt success was assured at this fishing site. I arbitrarily picked a spot and began casting. Starting at midday, I continued fishing trout through till 10pm, last light. Not a single bite.

Had to have been the time of day (the excuse centre of my brain fired off), not good for fishing trout.

So i returned to that exact same fishing sites at 6am the very next day, using all the tenacity I could muster.

All too soon midday had come again. Not a single bite.

Must be the fishing lakes.

So I moved to a new lake.

This lake was further away than the last of the fishing sites, I even had to hike in! Had to be a winner, unlike that over fished, overpopulated lake I’d dropped a line in earlier.

I arbitrarily pick a spot and began casting.

Not a bite.

Another of the fishing sites. Zilch.

Then I finally decided to think for myself, instead of repeating the same error with greater vigour.

I asked myself, “what are my interests goals and purpose, in this very moment?”

The answer was simple; fishing trout and enjoy the wilderness.

That deep introspection was to no avail.

I tried a different tactic “what are the interests goals and purpose of a fish?”

To feed, and to not get eaten by the Osprey circling.

Simple. So how does a fish achieve this? It finds some underwater cover, and an eddy or inlet where food will get focused.

I finally had some direction.

I started scouring the Fishing Lakes lake tactfully, searching for my perfect spot.

Far ahead I could see a small inlet, the only one in the lake. I hedged my bets and went towards it. Low and behold on my arrival, I found many fallen trees under water, nice shallows for fish to hunt, the perfect little habitat.

I sat and watched, to my excitement, the still water begun to breathe and ripple at fish began to scour the surface for lunch!

Time to prove i wasn’t a terrible fisherman. Time for fishing trout.

I cast time and time again collecting rainbow trout for my fire, feeling the success I’d longered for since being a boy, trying to fish, in all the wrong spots.

All it took was understanding another interest, goals and purpose.


James, Australia