Horseback Guide

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Lea playing the guitar at the Pearson's Lookout
Lea playing the guitar at the Pearson’s Lookout

In 2012 I took a 4 week ESL class followed by a 2 week Guide School. As soon as I drove into the drive way and got out of the shuttle bus with my great big backpack packed full, I fell in love with the fresh air, beautiful landscape and the quietness of the place. It was April and there was still some snow on the ground. My horseback guide trip started out adventurous, we got to ride the snow mobiles on our first day. This was only the start of all my first time experiences I gained during my stay. I was really nervous about the Guide School and did not know if I can do it, but all the work with the horses gave me a lot more self-confidence and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to me. Looking back at the person I was before I went there and how much things changed for me up until now means big steps to me. Working with horses is a constant learning process. They teach you, mostly about yourself. Because they reflect the energy you send out to them. They do not talk, but they act. Even when you watch them in the herd. The owner of the ranch says: “Ya, you want to learn about human nature? Stick around with the horses and you will learn more than you will ever sticking around people.” Horses are honest and never learned to lie. They are smart and a great tool for people to learn what it means to lead. It is about taking the rains into your hands and you choose which direction to go. Leadership. I would never be where I am now if I did not have this possibility to grow and evolve in an environment like the Chilcotin Holidays guest ranch has to offer. I am thankful for all the great things I got to learn.