Focus in my Personal development and investment in people as keys to success

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Focus in my Personal development and invest in people as keys to successWorking at the ranch is not always easy because it gets very overwhelming. We focus so much on what we want to achieve that our personal development is the main reason for everything we do. Anything becomes an excuse to get where we want to be. As an example I got stuck in the kitchen for 3 weeks, not because I was a terrible cook but because I didn’t like it. I complained at first and slowly understood the goal of the exercise to get my cook skills up to be a guide: would I keep complaining or just get on with my job to get it done. I was saying I wanted to be a guide, and a guide needs to cook in harder condition than at the ranch. In the end, I’m glad I stuck to the challenge that was given to me, I still feel I’m turning around in circles when I have to spend a day in the kitchen but at least I was confident to do it when I went to my first 7 days pack trip as an assistant guide.

As much as I focus on my personal development I have to take in consideration other people’s goals too. Not only in order to develop my leadership skills, but also to create a team spirit that enable us all to work together. We practice on each other our leadership skills and I understand now that investing time and energy in others is also part of my personal development to achieve my own goals. It’s like thinking only about the rider without checking the horse’s condition. You can’t get very far, and worse your horse may start slowing you down if it gets very bad. The same here, if we don’t have a team spirit, if we can’t rely on each other, trust each other we can’t achieve anything. It’s a great feeling though to know that every morning I wake up to be with people I want to be with, admire and are close to my heart. We don’t talk much about it, we are tough people, independent people although we still need affection, laugh and friends.

This is the balance I have found here, the more I invest in myself, the more I want to invest in the people around me by training them, support them or whatever it takes. Because this people are not random colleagues I barely know, this people are my family, my friends and they are the best to work with. As we say for horses: “A horse doesn’t care how much you know, until he knows how much you care”- Pat Parelli. I think that applies to human too, all you need is to care for the people, the rest comes naturally.

So the teamwork is a key to many locks here, you need to invest in people to develop your own personal leadership skills. Focus on your personal goals and purposes and everything fall into places.


Celina, France