My very first contact with horses

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My very first contact with horses

Here is the story of my very first contact with horses, I had never touched one before my Chilcotin Holidays’s experience. However, on my very first day, I had to bring the horses on a field, without any experience and I have enjoyed the moment.

For a while I was thinking to go to the Ranch to do my university internship in a new environment and to see others perspectives of reality. Well, I hadn’t realized when I arrived that here everything is going on very fast, and to learn something, the best is to practice it. That’s why on my very first day, when the sun was setting and everyone was inviting me “Come for the horses !” “Need help for the horses !” I had no choice but go and see what was going on.

When I arrived there, some one throw me a halter and tell me : “take this one buddy”. Indeed, he wanted me to tie the horse he was pointing with his finger, with the halter he just gave me. Nevertheless, at this moment I was really lost because I had no horse’s experiences, and everyone was doing it as if they had always done it. So I asked someone to teach me quickly because we had to bring all the horses to another field, so even if they were all enjoying this “horse experience”, I wasn’t so confident and I wanted to do the things right.

Therefore, I was tying the horse while my comrade was explaining me how to do it. I was really close to this horse, he was big and beautiful, it was a great moment for me as I had never approached a horse more than 30 meters before, and now I was just caressing his coat and playing with his mane. Afterwards, I was bringing him in the place by following my friends and their own horses.

When we arrived to the destination, we released them one per one as a great teamwork. That was my very first experience with horses, and I have really enjoyed it. Henceforth, I am doing it almost every day, and sometime several times the day. I can say that I am used to it now, I increase my experience with horses every day, I learn things about them even if the main reason of my presence here isn’t horses. In spite of that, while I am doing my university internship, I am able to discover things and develop my skills in a lot of fields. I can say that this first experience was a great one and I enjoy to do that now.

Jean, France