Felix’s Carpentry Experience

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Story written by Felix. He tells us about his amazing experience in the Canadian wilderness:

Once upon a time, a young guy named Felix left his hometown in Switzerland and decided to learn more about the world. He wanted to meet new people, improve his English and learn new skills.

When he was young, he did an apprenticeship as a landscaper and worked, also as a horse logger. While working in Victoria, B.C. as a landscaper, he learned to do stuff quite differently than he was used to do it back in Switzerland. Felix on the top of the mountains

As the winter was drawing closer and landscaping work became rare, Felix decided to move on to discover other parts of Canada. So he found a job as a horse logger at a ranch in the Chilcotin Mountains. There, after a couple days of logging, he was given the responsibility of fixing all the broken gates around the ranch and to replace the old fence logs. (C.H.: And he did an amazing job!)

Whenever there was a chance he enjoyed to go on a ride with the horses and once even got to take them out into the mountains to graze on a mountain meadow. Such splendid land!!!

It also happened to be the end of the pack trip season and all the different camps had to be taken down. With Lea, Felix took down Leckie camp and since he was already there finished the roof of the log cabin! Crossing the knee-deep creek with a backpack, a chainsaw in one hand and the gas in the other, it turned out to be one of the most challenging things he ever did.

As the days were getting shorter, the ranch had to get ready for winter.

This also meant that Felix had to fix the vehicles and thus got the chance to learn welding. After he had received his welding instruction, the young adventurer started welding old horseshoes together to make hooks or doorhandles. And he loved it!!!

One day, while cleaning up around the ranch, he found something that looked like walls, standing in the way. After inquiring about it he found out the walls were supposed to be a chicken house some day and so Felix got the job of making it happen. Once the walls were put together, the roof had to be built. To take a log and put it up on top, “sounds easy”, he thought. But it was more work than he had expected! One of the ranch’s slogans is “If you wanna do it only once then do it right” and so he put a lot of effort and consideration into it and after two days the main roof was set up.

During the building process, everybody asked him how long it would take, a question the young guy appreciated a lot as it kept him motivated.

After working hard all day long, Felix always looked forward to the evening. It was the time when he could hang out with his new friends and talk about everything and make new plans for his life. This time together was very important to him as Felix was far away from everything and everyone he had known before. Without his friends and family he had to learn to build new connections with the people around him. And (C.H.: because he was such a lovely guy)he did it! If he would have not gotten along with the others, he knew he would not have stayed as long as he did!

Last but not least, he decided it was time to move on and discover other parts of Canada and applied successfully for a job at Revelstoke – “the back country and alpine touring Mecca of Canada.” To end his stay at the ranch with a highlight, he got to spent his last three days at Brett camp, where he hoped to see Bighorn Sheep and to gain experience in guiding Log Cabin on snowy and sunny mountain tops. It was up there at Brett Camp that he fell in love (no! not with a girl), but with the log cabin and the simple lifestyle he experienced while being surrounded by stunning nature!

He then knew that someday he will build a cabin like this at a place like that!