Discovering “Chilcotin Holidays philosophy”

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Discovering Chilcotin Holidays philosophyInternship in Chilcotin Holidays is really different than the other you don’t only learn about one field but also about you.

Chilcotin Holidays has his own method of work. Usually when you do your first internship either you’re observing or just do the same daily tasks. You are considered as a simple intern at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Why should you choose Chilcotin Holidays for an internship?

It was nice to discover on the first day, the friendly atmosphere and the way that everybody makes you feel comfortable. The philosophy of Chilcotin Holidays, is that everybody participates in the ranch life: cleaning, kitchen, and ranch hand. We feel like in a big family, made of several foreigners. To share this experience with a lot of different cultures, persons, and way of living make it even better.

Concerning the work in the ranch, the first weeks are devoted to the discovery of the ranch and all its job. In that case at the end of these weeks everybody can know how they want to participate to the ranch life, in order that everyone can do what they enjoy. Even if I want to be in the office, I liked helping in the kitchen and in the ranch hand, I had discovered some interest in these field that were unknown before.

Moreover, the first impression that I had, is that you are not just an intern, you are considered as a member of the ranch. Kevan, our tutor and the owner of the Ranch, will often ask you “who is the boss?” and your answer must be “me”. So, in Chilcotin Holidays you’ve got responsibilities, and you must take initiative.

Here, everything is made to help you moving forward, and to develop yourself. The Ranch’s philosophy can be linked with the ideas of teamwork and family. We grow-up together but in our personal way. That’s why it is not an ordinary internship.


Catherine, France