Chasing wild horses

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Chasing wild horsesI have never been very interested in team sports like football or basketball. These games in a field make me feel enclosed, as you are constantly playing to a repeated set of rules. So during my weekly school netball lessons I felt restless, I loved being active but with the same variables the laziness sets in. When I arrived at the Chilcotin Holidays ranch I was determined to be more active, not saying that i am not very mobile back in England, I have become an experienced poo shovel. However I set out with a purpose to go hiking across various mountain trails and go for evening runs across the ranch. In short my running did not progress that far, tired after a day on my feet darting around feeding the chickens and changing the sprinklers running was the last thing i wanted to do. Yet I started doing small bursts of running in a less conventional form.

Chasing wild horses is as exciting as it sounds, be it a little scary when they come galloping in your direction. At first I did not really understand the process, I would run at the horse too quickly scaring them and I was too afraid to use my voice. I may be a small girl, but one thing i have proved to myself is that I am strong willed, I can shout loudly and once I put myself in charge I can herd these animals. So after a few failed attempts at chasing horses, my most successful attempt was at 6:30pm, everyone was sitting down to eat and I was hungry. I ran in to the back pastures and manged to do a solo horse chasing stint of 12 horses, all scattered around the paddock, in to the corral. I stood my ground if they tried to shoot off in the wrong direction and i respected these animals. I did not creep up on them and I showed my intent and purpose from the outright. Five minutes later I was proud as I closed the gate of the full corral, it was exhilarating, chasing wild horses, not something you do everyday!

Chasing horses is definitely not the only way to exercise at the Chilcotin Holidays ranch. Being active is the way of life, it clears your mind and gives you the focus to solve any analytical problems. Hiking is one of my favorite past times. I have been on two hiking trips to Pearson’s lookout and various hikes during my Bush craft course. I love the feeling of gaining strength in my legs as I climb steep hills and the views are always incredible over the mountains and lakes no matter the direction you lookout from. Hiking around the Chilcotin Holidays ranch the air is fresh and this make it a must do if you ever visit the mountains of British Columbia. For the only way you can truly understand and protect the nature is to fully immerse yourself in it, your health and mind will thank you.


Rebecca, UK