My challenging week in the kitchen

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My challenging week in the kitchenIn full season, the life at the ranch is quite intense. There are lots of Pack Trips, and there are
less and less staff available at the ranch. That’s what happened last week, there were only 5 staff to
manage the business, and our cook wasn’t here. In that case we need experienced staff in the kitchen,
those who know as much as possible and how it works with other members. Thanks to my interest in the
kitchen since the beginning and my practice at least once a week, I was one of those.

I wasn’t anymore the student, I was the manager of the kitchen this week. The first day I wasn’t
as excited as I expected. I thought I was ready to manage the kitchen without too many problems but it
was very stressful. It was a busy day, with a new menu that I’d never experimented with. The first day
wasn’t a disaster but I won’t tell that it was a success for me. I was working 7 to 4, and when I came back
in the kitchen at 6, just before dinner, not everything was ready. Fortunately, all the staff came helping.
Some were cutting the turkey, others were preparing the gravy. I know that I can always count on the
members of the staff. But this mess was part of my fault. Though there was not a lot left to do in the
kitchen, maybe I didn’t explain everything correctly or I should have maybe gone through the recipe with
my partner before leaving the kitchen.

Disappointed, I was ready to push my limits and do better my next day in the kitchen. This time I
was with someone who don’t like to be in the kitchen. Therefore, my plan was to do as much as I can
and let to her do the fun and simple things. I can say that this day was a real success, everything was
ready on time I was even in advance on the program. I managed our time and stayed organized. I think I
was a good tutor this day.

“Flexible and adaptable” is the motto of the ranch, I experienced it during this week because I had
to change my schedule and go in the kitchen several times again. I was more confident this time, and
everything went well. I will never be a good cook but I know that I’ve done my best and I’m proud of my
accomplishment. It was a very busy week, I didn’t have a lot of free time to rest. Being in the kitchen is
really weary when you are not used to it, so I pushed my limits to do my best, and to satisfy the guests,
staying at the ranch, with good food. I won’t say that I did it alone, that would be very selfish. My partners
were really motivated and I spend very good time with them. In addition the other staff were always
there to help, and to listen when I was tired. It was a team effort!

I discovered also another side of the kitchen, I discover people and their story. I will never forget
this week, full of challenges, discovery, and happiness.


– Catherine, France