Away from home

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Away from homeFirst time being far away from home. Reasons why I decided to make this step. First impressions of being thrown into a new exciting place which is far away from our civilization, located in the woods of the Canadian wilderness

Being away from home? Usually no problem for me, if you consider that I like to have a good time with my friends. It often happens that we are walking through the streets of our city and are trying to have as much fun as possible. But being away from home for about three months? In a different country like Canada? On a different continent, far away from our civilization surrounded by the wilderness and people you’ve never met before? Well, that sounds like a strange plan. But “why not?” I said to myself. It’s an opportunity you’ll maybe will never get again in your life. You can be in the wilderness and have the chance to see areas you’ve never seen before.

So I decided to make the first step. The first step into an unknown situation which is far away from my usual comfort zone at home. After having a lot of good conversations with Georgina I was finally able to take the next step. And to be honest, it felt very strange in the first place. It already started when I took my first flight to Vancouver. I’ve never flown on my own and so it felt like a mixture of excitement and nervousness when I entered the plane knowing that I would be far away from home, separated from my family and my friends for about three months.

Thankfully everything went good and so I arrived with my shuttle-bus on a sunny Monday at the ranch. When I get off the bus I realized immediately that I’m not in Stuttgart, Germany anymore. I was in the wilderness of Canada and I stayed in one of the biggest countries on earth with a large and untamed nature. There wasn’t any civilization around me. No car traffic, no trains and no friends I could go out with. But I wasn’t missing that during the first days. Georgina introduced me to all the friendly and nice people around the ranch and showed me what needs to be done here. Surprisingly the work wasn’t that hard to me. It was just different, I had to learn many new things and had to deal with tasks I never would have done compared to my everyday life at home .

Before I arrived here I hadn’t had any idea how to put on a halter on a horse and how to chase the horses into the next paddock. Now it’s one off the easiest tasks here if you have to handle a horse.

And that’s why I’m looking forward while thinking about my stay here at the Ranch. I still really miss my family and friends but having the opportunity to do new and exciting things while staying here is a chance I don’t want to miss.

Mike, Germany