Are you ready for work or internships in BC for the experience of a lifetime in the wilderness? Are you searching for a wilderness lifestyle that will facilitate your personal growth and leadership development?

Wilderness Jobs

The unique challenges of guiding in BC and opportunities that come with working close to nature offer a range of possibilities for  people to experience Wilderness Jobs in BC.  Living by the laws of nature encourages personal and professional growth, allowing people to tap into their true leadership potential.

Wilderness Jobs allow you to experience and learn about a diverse array of wilderness-based industries. Most operators encourage you to take on new challenges, like speaking English 24 hours a day, running a chainsaw, cooking a turkey dinner for 30 people, unloading bales of hay with a skidder, shoeing a horse, working as a wilderness guide on horse back or working as a tourism program manager. You will be outside your comfort zone at times, whether you admit it or not. This is actually one of the best ways to discern who you really are and what you are capable of achieving.

In the wilderness setting, you will be expected to grow and develop yourself by overcoming the challenges and tasks presented by nature and work as a guide each and every day.

You will get the coaching and the practice you need to facilitate your evolution and growth in this special environment in outdoor jobs in BC. By pushing yourself to become the best you can be, as a capable, self-reliant, and independent individual, you will be on the right path to finding yourself, defining your life goals and reaching them by taking full responsibility for your own life and personal dreams – becoming a master and creator of your own destiny. It may be as a wilderness guide in Canada.

We offer you the opportunity to live and work as an intern or as a wilderness guide with established wilderness tourism operators and enjoy the benefits of a lifestyle that is connected with nature.

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